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Q: Do I have to pay anything before I start my fundraiser?
No money is required upfront, but you do have the option to prepay for a discount off your total bill. We do require billing information to be on file for all orders.

Q: How much does each card cost?
Your cost will vary depending on order size and which product plan you choose.

Q: How do I sell the cards?
We provide a step-by-step selling guide, so you can successfully market and sell the cards. Their huge value far outweighs the selling price, which makes them easy to promote.

Q: How long does it take to get the cards?
We can have your cards to you within a week for expedited fundraising needs. Otherwise, normal time of processing takes about two weeks. Reorders generally ship within 24 hours. But spots do fill up fast, so reserve your spot today for anytime throughout the next year!

Q: How long should I run my fundraiser?
We suggest a week-long sales period. Giving your sales team a shorter timeline keeps them motivated and on top of their sales.

Q: What vendors will be featured on the discount cards?
We will procure at least 15 vendors from the area you choose and negotiate the deals directly with them. We will do the work for you, but you will have the final approval of your card.

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